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About Us

You can add items for auction or at a fixed price with or without offers.

The benefits are

  • Sell Items that have been unsold for a while to other traders
  • Sell items that are not your usual stock
  • Sell items to help with cash flow
  • Buyers are not saddled with up to 30% auction fees
  • Find new stock  
  • Find items for your clients 
  • No charge to list items
  • Low-cost transaction fees

We aim to be the go-to place to trade quality jewellery in the UK.

Please feel free to open your account with us 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anthony Brindley

For sales above £250.00, the following fees will be charged on sales no sale no fee.

£0-£250 Free

£250-£500 £20

£500-£550 £30

£550-£1000 £40

£1000-£2000 £80

£2000-£3000 £95

£3000-£5000 £145

£5000-£7000 £175

£7000-£10,000 £225

£10,000-£50,000 £250